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Saturday, March 5, 2011

High Tea at Urban Tea Merchant

For those who have looked at my pictures on Facebook, you'll realize I love high tea. When I was young, my mom would serve us high tea with her nice tea sets or use the children tea sets I owned. It was so fun!

Anyways, in my Facebook I talk about having high tea at Shangri-la Hotel and my thoughts on it.

Well today I went to Urban Tea Merchant for high tea.

I've been there just for tea and enjoyed it very much. I really wanted to have high tea but never had the chance and couldn't justify $48+tax for their Signature High Tea.

Today, however, I could try because I shared the Signature High Tea with someone. If you share, you only have to add an extra $10 and this includes the second person's tea.

The table setting:

I ordered Rooibos Blanc which is Rooibos white tea. They served it in a teapot from France. Very delicate.

My mom had British Breakfast with milk. They used a Japanese tea pot.

With the Signature High Tea, you start with chilled champagne infused white tea and strawberry tea infused sorbet.

It was so impressive when the server brought it in. The tea was very light and the sorbet was perfect! The sorbet was refreshing and very strawberry! It was very delicious and made me filled with anticipation for the rest of the high tea.

Then came the 3 tier high tea goodies.

So I'll explain each layer.

Bottom Layer

The bottom layer is savory - tea sandwiches. From top clockwise, there is cucumber sandwich, smoked salmon with cream cheese, shrimp, candied walnut with goat cheese on endive, tea infused chicken in a cone and tea infused egg sandwich.

So the cucumber sandwich and tea infused egg sandwich were average. I can make cucumber sandwich that taste better. With the egg sandwich, I couldn't taste the egg, so I didn't think it was so good.

The smoke salmon with cream cheese was good but not great. It's something I can make myself. So again to me, so so (anything I can make myself easily doesn't impress me, especially when it's expensive).

The candy walnut with goat cheese and endive didn't blend well together. I love goat cheese and enjoyed the goat cheese taste here. The candied walnut was really good. However, the combination of all ingredients didn't work. I think there was too much goat cheese that it was too strong and you couldn't enjoy the candied walnut.

The shrimp thing (can't remember the name) had a decent size shrimp but flavour wasn't special or unique.

The best in that bottom layer was tea infused chicken cone. They used a sugar cone that was slightly sweet and it matched nicely with the chicken. It went really well together. It was perfect amount sweetness, excellent texture since the chicken was creamy. Very good.

Middle Layer

The middle from top clockwise:
Quiche though I wasn't told what type of quiche, chocolate brownie, Devonshire cream, tea infused jam and orange ginger scone.

Quiche had a nice flavour. Much better tasting than mine. It wasn't very eggy so maybe they used less egg than I do (or maybe it wasn't a quiche). The brownie was very moist and chocolatey. I liked it, as it it a great way of making brownie to share.

The scone was AWESOME. The orange and ginger taste was perfect. The outside was crunchy but inside fluffy. The scone tasted tasted so very nice that you really don't need to use the jam and Devonshire cream. Of course I used it because I enjoy eating scones with Devonshire cream!

Top Layer

From top clockwise:
Petit four, fruit, chocolate covered strawberry, Walker strawberry truffle (from London, England) and Parisian pistachio macaroon.

The petit four was pretty disappointing. First it tasted average like a cake you get at a conference or cheap buffet. Secondly, I would have expected it to be covered in fondant and decorated daintily.

No need to comment on fruit or chocolate covered strawberry because nothing unique.

Walker strawberry truffle was very bad, despite being from London. It was too sweet and overwhelming. I think I was spoiled after trying chocolate and truffles from Xoxolat (pronoounced as Sho-Sho-lat). There's truffles are so nice that if I crave sweets or chocolate, I eat one piece and I'm satisfied. Here are some pic from their store and the box I got for myself.

The pistachio macaroon was excellent. The taste was delicate but enough to satisfy. It wasn't overly sweet nor bland. No wonder another table order a plate of macaroon. I would do that next time.

Final Thoughts

Even though I enjoyed the chilled champagne infused white tea and tea infused strawberry sorbet, I'm not sure if it was worth $48+tax. However, I would come again for the atmosphere, especially after shopping with girlfriends. I would probably go for specific menu items eg lunch for their chicken sandwich or scone and definitely the macaroons. If I was to high tea, I'd probably order the cheaper one for $29+tax. No need to spend so much as some things were hits and misses!

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