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Friday, April 13, 2012

Donut ...mmmmm

I'm not a Canucks fan, I'm an Oilers fan to the end. Yes, they didn't make it to the playoffs but when they do, the cup is ours!!!! For my international followers, I'm talking about hockey, the NHL (National Hockey League).

Anyways, as I was walking home, I saw some Canuck fans eating something blue and green outside of Timmies (Tim Horton is a donut/coffee place that is close to Canadians hearts...kinda like hockey). Well, that piqued my interest.

I looked into Timmies and saw these donuts. I literally made a 360 and purchased the. They are called Canuck donuts.

This does NOT make me a Canuck fan, rather, I'm gonna your win away. Ok that's pretty lame but can't think of a witty comment to jinx the Canucks.

How's it taste? Sweet!!! Too sweet for me. I don't like sparkle donuts so too crunchy!! It does have custard in the middle though.

Wonder if Ottawa have them too for their Senators? If an reader from Ottawa see them at Timmies, can you send me a pic?

If you are in Canada and Vancouver, get them while you can at Tim Hortons. They won't last long cos the Canucks won't last long in the playoffs!!! Very limited time. Hehehe. Don't get angry at me on these comments, I'm just joking with my crazy Canuck coworker who might be at Rogers Arena watching the game.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beijing Restaurant

Sorry dear readers....I'm quite upset that I cannot blog on my phone and have to use a laptop. I really dislike this inconvenience of having to use a laptop and transfer the pictures from my phone. I'm in between deciding what to purchase next... an ipad, a new smart phone, a laptop or a puppy. I'll eventually get them all but just figuring out the timing.

Anyways, you're here to read about yummy food. During the long weekend, I went to Beijing Restaurant with my family for Alaskan King Crab. It is starting to be the season so it's a good chance to eat this type of crab. To fish this, it's actually very hard and potentially dangerous for the fisherman. "Alaskan crab fishing is very dangerous, and the fatality rate among the fishermen is about 80 times the fatality rate of the average worker. It is suggested that, on average, one crab fisherman dies weekly during the seasons," as mentioned in Wikipedia. Click here if you want more info

If you have not had Alaskan King crab, read this article from the Globe and Mail. It talks more in detail about this: Alaskan King Crab is all it's cracked up to be.

So here is a picture of our 13lb King Crab that my family ate. In Chinese restaurants, they like to show you the fresh seafood so that you know what you are getting. Truth is, I only believe this at reputable restaurants. With other places, I always worry that they will show the seafood to you then in then kitchen, change to something that is less fresh. I don't think that this place would do such a thing.