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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pop Bakery

I don't usually review books without testing recipes. It really annoys me to read book reviews of recipe books where the reviewer has NOT tried any recipe and just reviews the pictures. I can do that myself by visiting bookstores or libraries!!! So I don't review recipe books without trying it.

However, this is one review where I'm going to review without testing the book. I'm talking about Pop Bakery

I borrowed this book from the library. I was curious to see how this booked compared to the Cake Pop recipe book that I bought. I really like Cake Pop but have not reviewed it yet since I haven't tried the recipes.

To view a sample of Cake Pops, go to the author's blog, Bakerella. I love her stuff!!

Back to Pop Bakery...

The book had a great cover. That's why I borrowed the book.

However when I looked at the pictures in the book, I was disappointed with the designs. The designs were things that I would not make and would not impress others, if I made it. What made the book worse, the quality of the designs looks very amateurish. For example, the tiger pop's lines look like what I would do and I have a very shaky hand.

Final Thoughts:

Though I haven't tried the recipes, I was disappointed with the pictures and the quality of work shown. Because of that, I would not purchase this book. I know that Pop Bakery is a bakery in UK so it might taste amazing. Unfortunately, the pictures didn't attract me to make anything.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Dirty Apron - Japanese Izakaya King Class

I went to a cooking class at Dirty Apron.

They are by the same owner as Medina and Chambar. I heard about the Dirty Apron in the newspaper when they first opened. However when I went to their website, I thought it was expensive. As well, I was only interested in making dessert and baking then and they didn't have much selection in those types of classes. So I just ignored it and went to other schools.

However my coworkers went to a class there and really enjoyed it. It piqued my interest.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Yorkshire Pudding

Today I was in the mood to make roast the way my mom does. Many who visited my house and tried my mom's food has often said that her cooking is really good. And those who stay longer than one meal have often said that they gain weight.

Anyways since I was making roast, I decided to try to make Yorkshire pudding. I was going to use one of my recipe book's recipe. However, it said to put the batter in a 8"x8" pan. Wouldn't that make it a huge square Yorkshire pudding??? I've never seen that so I decided to go on the Internet and use a recipe there.

I found an easy one by Jaime Oliver. It was stated in a forum that it was a fool-proof Yorkshire pudding. That sound promising, as I've heard it easy to make but hard to be successful.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


This post is different from past posts since it focuses on not food but my craftiness.

A friend invited me to her 30th birthday party. She's rented out the whole restaurant to have her party. It's a high tea place so we're all suppose to wear hats or fascinator and dress up.

After seeing Kate Middleton's pictures wearing a fascinator, it's now a fashion craze. I'm not into feather only fascinators but really love hats and wanted something fancier than a headband. Here's a pic of a fascinator that I like.

Farmhouse French Bread

I made Farmhouse French bread before but didn't blog it because when blogging bread, after a while, they look the same. The first time I made it, I made it the night before, baked it the next day and had fresh and warm bread at a picnic.

Today, I was in the mood for crusty bread with cheese so decided to make a crusty bread like this one today. However I started late so had to eat something else for lunch since the bread wouldn't finish in time for lunch.

I got the recipe from Wooden Spoon Bread. It's a pretty good recipe book for bread. The only problem is it lacks pictures and diagrams, especially for breads that have special shapes and I'm not familiar with.

Friday, September 9, 2011

WE Coffee

I was craving Japanese crepe on Tuesday. I've become kinda addicted to it since eating it at Harujuku in Tokyo. It was soo good!! Anyways the Japanese crepe place was closed. I found out that it closes on Tuesday.

So then I decided to have waffles at Michi Waffles but it's was closed. It is no longer operating. Wonder what happened cos it was quite busy?

So continued walking until I reached WE Coffee. WE means West End.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Street Cart Food - Feastro Food

Tried a couple of food stalls this weekend. The one we tried was called Feastro. It's a purple food cart around Coal Harbour.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


This is not related to food. Today I just wanted to wish a Canadian icon a happy retirement. Tonight will be Lloyd Robertson's last newcast on CTV National News.

I remember as a child seeing my dad watch Lloyd on the news. As a young child, I thought he was old but remembered his voice. As a kid, I didn't know what professionalism means but he looked smart and knew what he was talking about, even if I thought it was boring (and sad).

When I grew older and started watching news, I watched CTV for sentimental reasons but realized that I enjoyed watching Lloyd. At times I tried other newscast, but felt their news too opinionated (if I can guess what angle you are aiming for, it's pretty obviously it's biased) or the news anchor without much personality or lacking professionalism and integrity.

It's interesting that my youngest brother, who is many years younger than me, also watches CTV National News with Lloyd Robertson. He was not influenced by anyone in our family, as far as I know. It just shows that Lloyd Robertson had such a strong personna and trustworthy in news that almost half a generation family member is attracted to watching his news.

Tonight Lloyd retires. I know that I will miss his voice, his knowledge and him. I wish you a happy retirement with family and friends. I'm sad that I won't see you on tv or the next generation watching you, a Canadian icon. I'll miss you ending your nightly broadcast with your catchphrase "And that's the kind of day it's been." And Thank you for giving the news to me and to Canadians for 35 years on CTV!

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