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Friday, September 9, 2011

WE Coffee

I was craving Japanese crepe on Tuesday. I've become kinda addicted to it since eating it at Harujuku in Tokyo. It was soo good!! Anyways the Japanese crepe place was closed. I found out that it closes on Tuesday.

So then I decided to have waffles at Michi Waffles but it's was closed. It is no longer operating. Wonder what happened cos it was quite busy?

So continued walking until I reached WE Coffee. WE means West End.

I thought I had to order at the counter and kept looking at the menu to decide what to get. The staff asked me if I would like a table? I thought it was a weird question because of course I'd like a table but I'd like to order first. When I answered yes, he got a menu and asked me to follow him. Then I understood that he would serve at the table.

I decided to try their waffles to compare it to other waffles I've eaten before. I thought the menu was a little confusing because on one page, it shows the waffle combos...

But on the second page, in the middle (not on top like it was continuing page one), it also had waffles with combo choices. I thought that they just repeated the menu but when looked at it closely, this page's combo choices were different from the previous page.

I know it doesn't sound complicated but I guess if page 2 combo is different from combo 1, then logically, would you explain page 2 combo?? Also I think that page 2, you can choose your waffle type (original, chocolate or green tea) but I think page 1, you have no choice.

So for drinks, I had ice tea cos it was late and didn't feel like coffee at that time. Here's what was ordered. The waffle we ordered was half order.

My friend ordered WE Classic Maple Waffle. It was just waffles, a little container of maple syrup, custard and whipping cream. It didn't look interesting and seemed like something I can make at home. I didn't taste it since it didn't look interesting.

I ordered Banana Chocolate Waffle. It was banana with chocolate brownie ice cream, whipped cream and custard. The banana was unripe. I know that when I buy banana, I purchase it unripe but I don't eat it yet. I'm shocked that there served it because it had no banana taste at all and they should know better. Ripen banana is needed to be enjoyed with chocolate.

I didn't like the custard very much either. Actually, there was no taste in the custard. I grew up loving custard and this was flavorless and not what custard should be like. The chocolate brownie ice cream was good. I enjoyed that but it was only one small scoop.

But I guess you're waiting for my opinion of the waffle... well it was terrible!! It was soft outside and almost soggy. Even Eggo waffle has more texture thank this. Very disappointed! It didn't have much taste either.

Final Thoughts:
I will not be coming here again. I thought the waffle was very disappointing. The important thing about waffle is not only the taste but texture is very important. To me, the best waffle is crunchy outside and soft and fluffy inside.

I think if I'm craving waffles and too lazy to walk to Medina, I'll just get an Eggo waffle, put something sweet (eg maple syrup, jam or fruit compote) and a scoop or 2 ice cream. I think I would enjoy that more than WE's waffle.

If you crave good waffles, go to Medina. Still the best. Second choice, go to Sunday buffet brunch like Pan Pacific (I'll blog this later) and enjoy their Belgian waffle though they do not freshly make it. Worse case, just go to a grocery store and get a box of Eggo.

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