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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pop Bakery

I don't usually review books without testing recipes. It really annoys me to read book reviews of recipe books where the reviewer has NOT tried any recipe and just reviews the pictures. I can do that myself by visiting bookstores or libraries!!! So I don't review recipe books without trying it.

However, this is one review where I'm going to review without testing the book. I'm talking about Pop Bakery

I borrowed this book from the library. I was curious to see how this booked compared to the Cake Pop recipe book that I bought. I really like Cake Pop but have not reviewed it yet since I haven't tried the recipes.

To view a sample of Cake Pops, go to the author's blog, Bakerella. I love her stuff!!

Back to Pop Bakery...

The book had a great cover. That's why I borrowed the book.

However when I looked at the pictures in the book, I was disappointed with the designs. The designs were things that I would not make and would not impress others, if I made it. What made the book worse, the quality of the designs looks very amateurish. For example, the tiger pop's lines look like what I would do and I have a very shaky hand.

Final Thoughts:

Though I haven't tried the recipes, I was disappointed with the pictures and the quality of work shown. Because of that, I would not purchase this book. I know that Pop Bakery is a bakery in UK so it might taste amazing. Unfortunately, the pictures didn't attract me to make anything.

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