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Monday, September 5, 2011

Street Cart Food - Feastro Food

Tried a couple of food stalls this weekend. The one we tried was called Feastro. It's a purple food cart around Coal Harbour.

The menu was quite interesting. There were various types of tacos plus daily specials.

Price wasn't too bad.

Here is Grilled Chirizo. It was on their daily special. It was a grilled chirizo, served on a bed of ratatouille and basmati rice (to me, it was more like wild rice). It was good for lunch and nicely priced, $11. However, I wouldn't say it was amazing. It was good but not wow.

Don't order the Fish and Chips. First the fish has a fishy smell, usually meaning not fresh fish. Second, the "chips" were fries. They seemed like frozen fries. And third, I didn't like the batter. It was a bread crumb batter. I don't like that batter for fish and chips. (Best Fish and Chips I had was Bondi Beach but locally, Stanley Parks pretty good. Britain is probably the best, but I was too young to remember.)

This is pulled pork tacos. It was quite good. It seems like tacos are popular here as lots of people ordered that. The combo which included taco, potato salad and drink for $13 was a good deal.

Here is the Halibut taco. I didn't try it as it's hard to taste. My brother commented that it's just a deep fried fish. So you make your judgement on that.

Prawn and Procuitto taco sounded most interesting. I didn't have a taste of it but it seemed like brothers enjoyed it.

The potato salad looked very nice with the radish flower.

However, there wasn't a lot of taste to it. It was quite disappointing as it was bland. It looks nice but taste was meh.

One brother ordered yam fries. I like homemade yam fries but have yet to eat nice yam fries at restaurants. Often they are skinny and oily or burnt. However the yam fries here are one of the best. The fries were crispy outside and soft inside. It was very tasty. I really enjoyed them and would go there just for the yam fries. Good thing I live close to it so can walk there when have a fries craving.

Final Thoughts:
Hmmm... I'm mixed with the food. Some were good and some where ok. Price is pretty good for the amount so you will be satisfied with amount and price. It's also nice to go and eat there because it's close to a park so you can enjoy lunch by the water. For me, I'll try a taco and DEFINITELY the yam fries. With the other food, you won't regret ordering it but it won't be memorable.

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