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Saturday, December 5, 2009


Wow.....I've blog 3 topics tonite! I made a thank you card and some chocolates to someone who helped me with my career and get me where I am now.

Here is some pics of my work! The pistachio white chocolate turned out really were and is very popular!

Man, this blog is ugly. dunno how to make it attractive.


Went to a Bread making class in Cantonese. It was fun because teacher is very interesting and direct. The bread was really good. The secret is using bread flour. Anyways, here is a pic of 7 buns I made in the second class. They include a Mexican bun, Pineapple bun, Corn Beef Braid, Coconut roll, Lotus paste piggy, Taro bun and Cream spiral.

This other one is all the buns I made at home including Kwai Fei Bun (BBQ pork filling with Mexican bun topping). Now I can make it VERY VERY quickly! No longer have to buy bread anymore!

Again my blog to say I didn't blog

hehehe....guilty of having nothing to say but maintain a blog for the sake of it. Went to x'mas party and it was FUN!!! It's been a while since I went dancing and I LOVE it. We went to the party wearing mustaches. It was funny because we were all dressed up but had mustaches! I'll attach a pic with a coworker.