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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looks Nasty!!

Went to a Japanese all you can eat. Generally Toyama Restaurant is pretty good for all you can eat Japanese. That's why they are almost always very busy.

This Friday I ordered gommae which is peanut sauce with spinach. I usually enjoy this but this time it looked like:

Doesn't that look so nasty? To me, it looked like a feline having some major stomach problems. Sorry to disgust my readers but that's what it looked like. I only ate one bite and couldn't eat anymore. Nothing wrong with the taste but my mind kept going to that nasty thought. It's all in the mind but the mind is so powerful that my taste buds couldn't overcome my mind.

I guess they should serve this in a competitive reality show and see how the contestants react!!

Ciao, til next time!

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