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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Acme Cafe

I was in the mood for grilled sandwich so went to Acme Cafe.

It's quite popular for a light meal and it's sweet pies seem popular. I see many people ordering and even though I've been there twice, I've never had pie there.

Here are some pic of it's interior.

I like the interior. If I ever opened up a bakery, I would like to decorate it like this but a smaller place.

Anyways I has their veggie sandwich. It was very very nice. It had portabello mushroom, zucchini, red pepper and goat cheese. Very nice!

I chose to have soup of the day. It was curry broccoli and cauliflower. It was nice but I wasn't crazy about it. I felt that the curry taste was average.

My friend ordered a meatloaf sandwich.

I didn't like it very much. I felt the meat was too mushy and the sauce was too strong. Rather than soup, my friend had their broccoli almond salad and chips. Yes potato chips from a bag.

I had a milkshake, chocolate to be exact. It was pretty bad! It tasted

powdery. My childhood milkshakes with Nestle syrup tastes waaaay better. Hmm.... I miss milkshake. Another one of the BEST chocolate milkshake is Fat Burger. Another place is Ghirardelli. They don't have it in Canada but I've had it when I went to San Fran. Ok there's a 3rd which is Pete's burger in Calgary. Okokok there is a 4th but I don't know if they exist - Burger Barn at Millet, Alberta. But that's it. Those listed above are the best milkshake (I didn't mention South Africa's lime milkshake at Milky Way cos it's quite inaccessible. It is soooooooo good that I never did try chocolate milkshake in South Africa. )

Final Thoughts:
I like this place. One day, I'll try their pies. Maybe I'll have to skip lunch :(. Haha or I'll just eat only half my sandwich. I recommend this place BUT I don't recommend their milkshake.


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