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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Land of Nod" Cinnamon Bun

I had this a long time ago. My mom's coworker made it and shared it with us. Though she gave the recipe and it was very easy recipe, we never made it. Not sure why.

I recognized this recipe in my recipe book The Best of the Best and More. I finally made it. This bun is sometimes known a Monkey Bread.

This recipe is not 100% homemade from scratch but it's freshly made. It's very easy and was a nice breakfast, especially when it came out of the oven!!!

So first I greased a bundt pan then put frozen bread rolls nicely.

Then I sprinkled brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla pudding and optional raisins. I put half the buns with raisins and half without. I did that because I find my mood changes on liking raisins and disliking raisins.

Going back to the recipe, I found that mixing cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla pudding and raisins then sprinkling is the best was to ensure all is evenly sprinkled.

Add melted butter...

Then let it sit overnight covered at room temperature. It will rise up beautifully. This is what I found when I woke up.

I preheated my oven and put my cinnamon buns in the oven while I took a shower. When I was ready for work, I found that nice hot cinnamon bun was ready to have with a nice cuppa (cup of coffee, in case that's not clear to you).


Final Thoughts:
I would DEFINATELY make this again. It was sooo easy and delicious. It was very nice to have fresh cinnamon buns in the morning. A very excellent way to impress overnight guests (of course I would make it sound like I slaved away making the bread!!!)

However for me, being a bread maker, I'm not comfortable with frozen bread dough. What does that mean to my readers? Well, I've got a similar recipe for this type of cinnamon bread/monkey bread from scratch. You, my dear readers, will see me making that in the future!

Ciao! Til next time.

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