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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Underworld 4 set

I went outside for Earth Hour and they were filming a scene for Underworld 4-New Dawn. It's set to be released in Jan 2012.

Here is the camera filming a rusty van with Kate Beckinsale look alike with similar hair and latex costume (or maybe it was her but I doubt it)

Here's the rusty van. I couldn't get a good picture cos it moved so fast.

Then I heard a crash. We weren't sure if that was suppose to happen because the camera focused on the van and not other cars. Another person watching said it's probably part of the plan.

Can you see the taxi hitting another car on the right of the picture??

Well as I was leaving I overheard that there was a mistake, either the car was suppose to explode or wasn't suppose to be hit, so they'll have to film it again at 2am.

What was bad about this was they were filming during Earth Hour. Nothing wrong with filming on Earth Hour except the following:

- Huge bright lights that consume A LOT of electricity were used. You can see bright the lights are in the pics
- Used a lot of water to make the road wet
- Has at least a dozen cars sitting idle with the engine on. There was one car that was old had fumes coming out.

Not really good for Earth Hour!!! Quite disappointed with that.

Til next time...

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