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Monday, March 21, 2011

Penang Delight Cafe

On Friday, was looking for a restaurant and passed by a very interesting place. However, I wasn't in the mood for Asian so didn't try it.

But Saturday wanted something Asian so tried it. The place is called Penang Delight Cafe.

The place serves "Lo hei" but only during Chinese New Year. I heard about Lo hei from a Singapore or Malaysia blog and have always wanted to try. So next New year you will see me there eating Lo hei!!!

The decor reminded me of a mansion in Penang. That mansion really impressed me because it was built in a way to keep the house cooled despite being in a tropical country. I think a few pictures on the wall was from that mansion.

Anyways, since they didn't serve Lo hei after the lunar new year period, I tried their other stuff. So here's what we ordered.

The roti canai was good. But it wasn't great. I'm not sure if I eat it every time I go to a Malaysian restaurant that I'm tired of it or it was so so. Dunno. I think I'm tired of it. I guess I order it because it's easy to use as a baseline to see if the restaurant is good or not.

Across the roti in the above pic is Prawn hokkien mee. I liked it. I thought it had a very nice subtle taste but I thought the noodle to be a little soggy. The person who ordered the dish didn't enjoy because they thought the taste was too light (but this person likes to put hot sauce in congee so that person's tastebud isn't reliable).

I ordered Asam laksa. I loved the soup and the sardine. It reminded me of the tasty food in Singapore and Malaysia. If you travel to Asia, take Singapore Airline just to stopover in Singapore and eat there!! The soup was sour and spicy. It was a perfect blend. It kinda tasted like Tom Yum soup.

Anyways, the only thing I didn't like was the noodle was a little soggy. does one say al dente in Chinese or not al dente?

Sorry I started eating before I took the pic. That's where I'm a bad blogger. I tend to satisfy my mouth before my readers. Sorry!! :(

We also ordered an appetizer suggested by the server. It's Tofu Salad. The sauce wasn't very good. It was like Thousand Island dressing but the fried tofu was pretty good as it was very soft. I overheard the server telling another table that they make their own tofu.

I ordered kopi because while in Malaysia my brother and I had Kopi one at every meal. It was so good. (why is it that Malaysia and definately Vietnam have nicer coffee than here??)

Anyways, it was pitch black so I added sugar. The I realized that's dumb, they gave me condensed milk, which is sweet already. So I just added the condensed milk. Anyways it was pretty good but not quite the same as in Malaysia.

We had dessert. I don't know the name but a pandan flavoured pancake stuffed with brown sugar and coconut. It was pretty good but again my mouth was satisfied before I took any picture. Sorry readers. I will learn to share with you before my tastebuds and stomach.

Oh, just the word pandan is making my mouth water. It's not eating pandan, which isn't possible since it's used only for flavouring. It's the thought of pandan cake which a family friend sells. I wish I had a picture to share but I'm sure those who have eaten pandan cake will have their mouth watering as it is one of the best tasting cake in the world, at least to me. I hope one day I can share with my readers. I also hope one day someone will share their pandan cake recipe. Sorry, I'm digressing.

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the meal quite a bit. It wasn't perfect but it was still very good. I think it's quite popular despite opening for only 4 months. I definitely will go back, not only to try the Lo hei but other dishes. I think Curry laksa is most popular for lunch as lots of table ordered it, so that's what I'm trying next time. Do try to go there if you have the chance.


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