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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fettuccine with Sambuca and Cranberries

I used up my whipping cream by making Fettuccine with Sambuca and Cranberries. Not only did I use up my whipping cream, I used it from my recipe book The Best of the Best and More (still keeping on with my new year resolution)

It was easy and yummy!!

So let me tell about it.

The recipe asked to fry the chicken and garlic in butter. I decided to use oil. I'm not sure if that affected the texture of the sauce as it stayed quite watery and didn't thicken up. I don't usually make creamy pasta sauce, as it's too rich for me so I'm not sure if butter is needed to thicken the sauce. Does anyone know?

Cooking the chicken lightly.

The sauce was easy. First was whipping cream, sambuca and orange juice.

The nutmeg. I used freshly grounded nutmeg. It smelled sooo good.

Then added artichoke, chicken and cranberries.

Finally cooked the fettuccine. Al dante, of course!

Mix together and enjoy!

Final Thoughts
Of course I couldn't eat a lot because creamy sauce is too rich. It was really good though. The sambuca and orange was subtle but just enough to get a nice hint. It was very enjoyable meal as it tasted quite complicated and hard. I would definitely make it again because it was easy and quick to make and very delicious. Is it the best? Well my bro who cooks mafia pasta has better pasta recipes but not sure if it's as easy as this one.

I'm so looking forward to eating leftovers.

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