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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year food

I forgot to talk about some of the food. I won't show my traditional supper food since I didn't prepare very good food for last night's supper. Last night was New Year Eve, where we eat supper together with certain food.

I do have some snacks that I eat.

This is fried dumplings. It called "kok".

My mom said it represents old fashion money or wallets full of money. I can't remember which. Can anyone confirm what it represents?

I love open mouth cookies "hoi hao Jo" (開口jo) or siu hao Jo (笑口jo). They represent laughter or smile or happiness. I must have accidentally deleted the pic.

Chinese like Mandarin orange since the word for mandarin orange is a homonym for luck/fortune.

Lastly, this year I have New year cake. It's more like a sticky cake/pudding and uses sticky rice flour so it's sticky and chewy. This one is coconut flavour. They also come in brown sugar.

Chinese also eat savoury ones like daikon or taro pudding. Those are my favourite but no time to buy this year.

To prepare, my mom cuts into rectangles

and dip into egg

and pan fries them

We eat this because the word for cake sound like increasing or bettering or reaching heights - "ko". 高=height and 糕=cake but both sound like "ko".

Gung hei fat choy!!!

Food is from T and T

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