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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Banana bread

I usually wouldn't blog about banana bread as it's quite commonly baked. However since this recipe uses my leftover creme fraiche, I thought I'd blog about it.

So if you read my previous posts, I have lots of whipping cream, buttermilk, ricotta cheese and creme leftover from making my mushroom tart. I wanted to use my creme fraiche since it only had a fridge life of 10 days. I reviewed my recipe books, googled internet and recipe apps to find any recipe that would use my creme fraiche. Finally I found a banana bread recipe in epicurious app on the iPhone that used creme fraiche and got lots of rave reviews.

Making of - Banana bread with creme fraiche

The recipe is not easy as I had to mix sugar and 4 eggs for 10 min until the batter formed ribbons.

Then I added mashed bananas which I had to bake in order to blacken it because the bananas were too fresh and yellow. Creme fraiche, vanilla and flour was added to the mixture.

The vanilla I used was from Mexico, which is known for their vanilla (kinda). I got it from Playa del Carmen.

Yeah, I got it from a tourist store. But I did work hard to get it. I had to visit many stores and check out the vanilla and its ingredients Most of the vanilla I found included caramel or sugar. Why would I need caramel and sugar in my vanilla if I'm baking sweet stuff??

The one I ended up buying didnt have either those ingredients. At the end of my trip, I did find a good one at the airport but I already bought mine. I don't use a lot of vanilla so didn't make sense to buy another bottle.

I'm a little worried that it will be sweet as the batter tasted sweet. I already reduced the sugar amount, as suggested by a reviewer. It also smells sweet but could be from the vanilla and banana.

Oh so here's a pic of one loaf. The recipes makes two.

I guess now I still have to use my creme fraiche (I didn't finish it all). I also have to use the leftover whipping cream, ricotta cheese and buttermilk. Stay tuned to see how I use them.

Update: The banana bread is quite sweet. I think the banana makes it sweet. Next time, I'll use less sugar. Quite moist and taste.

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