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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Wooden Spoon Bread Book

I'm very much into bread and bought Marilyn Moore's book called The Wooden Spoon Bread Book and The Wooden Spoon Dessert Book. I bought them because Ms Moore describes sone recipes from her mother and grandmother and I enjoy "old" family recipes. I left the dessert book in Edmonton so can't comment on it.

I started reading her bread book.

It's quite interesting as she gives her opinion and knowledge of bread making. It's not as scientific as Peter Reinhart's book. I'll take about that book in another posting. This book focused on her experience.

I like her low key and experiential tone. It was very interesting and easy to read. I've only tried one of her recipes so far but it's very easy to follow along and ingredients are quite clear.

I also like how she breaks the recipe ingredients into sections, as on the steps you take to make the bread. It makes it easy to follow, especially someone like me who like to skim a recipe Here's an example of how the recipe looks:

It's a shame I haven't made much before creating this post but as I was reading her book, I was enjoying it very much.

There are over 250 recipes, not only bread but quick bread eg banana bread, waffles, muffins, croissants, bread sticks, pizza and crackers but also what to make with left over breads eg, bread pudding, cobblers, crumble, croutons. It also has embellishment to accompany bread like apple butter and jams.

What I don't like:
- No final product pictures (though a loaf of bread looks like a loaf of bread)
- no step by step. This is a problem because for the recipe adobe oven bread, I don't know how it looks like.
- assumes I read the front of book and knows what soften yeast means.

Bottom line
I think I would still buy. It has lots of recipes which is bound to have something good.

I made Family-fare Sourdough. Here are pics before and after baking.

The bread was fluffy and soft. It was easy to make too. I like the crust too. It was very crunchy, very much like Italian bread.

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