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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chiew Chow Class 2

On our second Chiew class, we made Cold Crab (涷蟹), Deep fried shrimp ball (炸蝦棗), Szechuan pepper chicken (川椒雞).

I was interested in learning how to prepare crab. It seemed easy (incidentally it seemed so easy that I bought a live crab to cook tonight. I'll blog about that experience later).

I was also impressed with the shrimp balls, as they had a nice bounce and tasted very nice. I was less impressed with the chicken dish.

So let me go into the dishes...

The cold crab is apparently quite expensive at Chiew Chow restaurants.

It's a steamed crab that allows you to enjoy the natural flavour of the fresh crab since the sauce isnt strong. There was a nice garlicky vinegar dipping sauce that goes well with steamed crab.

The shrimp balls required using a knife (actually a Chinese cleaver) to mince. I was responsible for that during the class. It was actually a good experience to do this because I know how the texture should be and now can replicate it.

The shrimp balls had water chestnut and green onion which added to taste and texture.

Afterwards, it's deep fried.

It was served with dipping sauce that was slightly sweet and sour.

It was excellent.

I've never had these sauces before but it went well with the shrimp balls. Are you familiar with them?

I actually made a some shrimp ball at home, just to practice mincing but without the water chestnut and green onion cos i didnt have any on hand. Nevertheless the texture was good and taste also good, even though I didn't have the dipping sauce.

Finally the Szechuan chicken. It was mediocre. I'm not sure how Szechuan chicken is Chiew chow but aw well.

Final Thoughts:

As always, I enjoy Anges' classes. And though I don't blog the steps of the class here (not cos I'm secretive, I feel weird to take pics while in class - I get embarrassed easily)

Anyways, the food/recipe is so good and easy, I actually will be cooking it at home. I already made the shrimp balls and will make the crab tonight.

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