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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Penang cafe Again

This afternoon I went to Penang Cafe for lunch. It was really busy. Lucky for us we got a seat right away. I was impressed as the owner quickly cleaned the table and even switched a warm chair to a fresh chair for us.

We were about to order our food when we were asked to move to another table so they could seat a party of 6.

I was ok with it but they were going to move us to be beside the washroom. I dislike being beside the washroom. They can disguise it with sprays but even that type of spray really makes me sick. So we were going to leave cos we didn't want to sit by the washroom (they should serve 1 less table and get rid of that table.)

Anyways, the owner and staff told us to stay and made the party of 6 to squeeze together or wait for a bigger table. I felt bad but I also do not enjoy eating by the washroom.

Anyways, the food was good. A lot of customers are from Malaysia or Singapore so it must be pretty authentic. To me it seems authentic but I only ate Malay food for a couple of days as a tourist so not as accurate as people from that area.

I ordered the following:

The coffee was good but I think I prefer the coffee I ordered during my previous visit. This time it was Ipoh White Coffee. Last time I ordered Penang coffee, which tasted more like what I had in Malaysia.

We had Penang Shrimp Roll which was ok. I wasn't crazy a out it but it wasn't bad. I guess I wouldn't order it again.

My friend order Nasi Lemak Rendang chicken. I liked it. I thought it tasted really good. I don't like eating Nasi Lemak alone because to me, I want meat and sauce but I like Nasi Lemak ingredients. This dish solved all my requirements.

I ordered Curry Laksa with fishballs. The fishballs were good and the Laksa tasted like I what had in Singapore. However, I think I must be getting old because I thought the soup was too rich (it has coconut milk) and it made me feel a little sick. Personally, I also preferred the Laksa I had last time (it was Penang Asam Laksa-which was much more tastier).

Final Thoughts:

I still like this place though the food I ordered today wasn't to my liking. It tasted pretty authentic (I overheard a customer beside me comment that the food tasted like the original and his mom commented that it's because the owner are also from there).

I disliked the music though. Why would anyone play a whole album of Celine Dion. Don't they realize that it would drive people crazy!?!?

I guess the meal was not so enjoyable because we refused to sit by the washroom and it made me feel embarrassed and awkward. I know that all restaurant owners want to maximize their profit but to make us uncomfortable wasn't very nice. At least they tried to make it up.

I guess bottom line, I would go there again. I would like to try their dinner menu next time though.

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