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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cold Crab

I made cold crab ( 凍蟹) tonight. It is a dish from a Chinese village called Chiew Chow. You can see some dishes I learned from a class that taught a few Chiew Chow in this blog.

First I went to a Korean fish store and bought the crab. The lady said it was expensive because recently it was windy so hard for the fishermen to catch. But she also said it's crab season, so the crab will be meaty. I decided to buy the crab. It weighed 2.5lbs.

Here's me checking out the crab at home after I bought it. It was quite active and what's bad was it's big claws were not tied. I was thinking "oh no! What did I get myself into!?!?"

Since I wasn't ready to cook it, I put it in the fridge to store, where it sorta hibernates.

I asked for a cheap toothbrush to clean the crab. Instead this is what I ended up getting. It did the job though.

Here is me cleaning the crab.

Just thought I'd would show the crab right side up.

Here I prepare a slice of Ginger and 1 stalk of green onion at the bottom of the bowl for steaming the crab.

Here is the crab about about to be steamed. I felt bad killing it but least I tried not to torture it.

It gets steamed about 17 minutes.

Here's my steamer. It's brand new, thanks to my mom. So now I'll be steaming Chinese buns and other steamed food.

While waiting for the crab to steam, I made the dipping sauce. First, I minced the garlic.

Then added 1 teaspoon sugar.

Then added 4 tablespoon rice vinegar and mixed. That's it!!

Once the crab was done, I discarded the liquid and chilled it.

Of course before I chilled it in the fridge, I couldn't help take this picture. It's Milo with the crab and his toy crab.

Here is crab after it was chilled and brushed with oil to make it pretty.

After chopping the crab and placed nicely in the bowl, I was ready to eat.

Final Thoughts:

I think this picture describes my thoughts of this dish...hehe

But in case you want to hear me say was so delicious!!!! It was a simple dish but tasty. The natural taste of the crab stood out because the cooking style didn't overpower it's natural taste.

I would definately make this and it was very easy to make.

I'm pretty happy this turned out, especially since it's my first time cooking a live crab!!!

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