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Monday, June 6, 2011

Baked Brownie

Last night, I was suddenly in the mood for something chocolatey. I decided to make brownie from a recipe book called Baked the New Frontier of Baking (side note: I didn't buy any new recipe book because I'm trying to keep up with my 2011 new year resolution BUT I didn't say that I wouldn't borrow books from the library and photocopy them hehe).

It's been mentioned in O magazine as a favourite and America's Test Kitchen as one of the best brownie.

First mix flour, salt and cocoa in a bowl. I didn't read the recipe and wanted to use my stand mixer. Hehe after mixing the flour mixture, I realize that I don't need the stand mixture. *sigh* (Aw well, I made French bread and pizza dough today with my stand mixer so still happy. I am still in awe with my stand mixer and trying to use it with everything.)

Then I melted 11oz of chocolate and butter in a double boiler. I didn't have any bitter chocolate so used semi-sweet chocolate. I used Cote d'Azur brand. Not a big brand but I just used what's at home since it was too late to go shopping. Unfortunately I only had 8oz so I decided to use the rest of my Lindt white chocolate. It only reached 10.5oz. It's close enough that I didn't bother using my milk chocolate.

After the chocolate and butter melted, I realized that I forgot to add the instant expresso granules. I don't own instant expresso so I just used regular coffee granules. It would be better to melt at beginning as instructed in the recipe because after I turned off the heat, the coffee didn't dissolve very well.

The I added sugar to the melted chocolate. I realized that I should have added less sugar since my chocolate was semi-sweet not bitter chocolate.

I cracked 5 eggs at room temperature.

I slowly added the eggs to the chocolate mixture. Since I whisked the eggs, you can't see that I added them. (my mom called and I was distracted with talking with her and to prevent the batter from being over stirring and cakey that I forgot to take a picture). However you can see that the chocolate mixture is thick.

I added the flour mixture by folding. Again, don't overmix or else it will be a chocolate cake not brownie.

After, I put the batter in a 9"x13" pan and leveled the top and baked.

And here is the finished brownie.

I waited for it to cool and had a piece. Mmmmmmm!!

Final Thoughts:

OMG!!!! This has got to be the best brownie EVER!!! I didn't use and follow their directions 100% and yet it still tasted so amazing. Imagine if I followed the recipe EXACTLY and use good quality cocoa and chocolate.

Let me describe it. The texture is crunchy on top and fudgey on the bottom. It is very moist. And very chocolately. It is quite sweet, as a brownie should be but not crazy overly sweet. It's also addictive. I've eaten a whole row today (it didn't help that I had a day off and stayed at home which made the brownie too accessible!!)

Here's a close up of the brownie. Check out the texture!!!

I would definitely make this again!!! I am going to try 2 or 3 more recipes in that book and if they all turn out as well as this brownie, I will definitely buy and recommend this book.

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