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Monday, June 6, 2011

Brunch at Provence

Today I went to brunch with some friends at one of my favorite brunch places. The place is called Provence. I've been there for brunch a couple of times and supper and really enjoy their food. Good quality and amazing taste.

The Drink:

So I had a bubbly. Mine was called "Kiss and Tell". It is champagne, pineapple juice and passionfruit liquor. It was very nice. A good way to start brunch (of course I could feel my face turning red though).

The Food:

Here is the menu. It was hard to decide but I knew I wanted eggs Benedict today.

This place makes one of the best benedict, as it's creamy and rich but not so creamy that make me feel sick.

I debated between smoked salmon egg benedict on corn pancakes or egg shrimp and crab cake egg Benedict. Both sound goid, right?? Guess which one I ordered??

I ordered the shrimp and crab cake eggs Benedict. It was soooooooo yummy. Usually I can barely finish 1 egg benedict but today, I could have eaten three!!! It was very well done. The egg was still soft a d runny, the shrimp and crab cake tasty and balanced nicely with potatoes.

Anyways, I'm guessing that they used free range or organic eggs because the yolk was so orangey.

Just blogging about it right now is making me hungry again for egg Benedict.

So my bubbly, shrimp and crab cake and a coffee plus tips and taxes cost $36. It's a bit pricey but worth treating yourself to something yummy.

So here is what my friends ordered.

One person ordered Seafood Crepes. She must have really enjoyed it, as she finished it very quickly and cleaned up the whole plate.

Another friend order truffle omelette and added a side order of smoked salmon. It looked very yummy and she seemed to enjoy her meal as well

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed my meal at Provence. I thought it had one of the best eggs Benedict. However, I'm not sure if I was really hungry or the serving is a bit small but I felt that after my meal, I had space for more food.

It's quite expensive but like I said earlier, sometimes it's just nice to treat yourself to a nice meal. This is one place that does that. I would definitely cone here again!!!

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  1. You should really try Cafe Regalade in Kits. Best "french" breakfast this side of France.

  2. Wooooooooo. Sounds interesting. Something I definately need to try. Thanx for the suggestion.