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Friday, May 20, 2011


I heard about Thermomix and thought it was a myth. It is claimed that it replaces the blender, stand/electric mixer, steamer, grinder, food processor, scale, juicer, ice cream maker, ice shaver, thermometer, bread machine (without baking) etc.

Here's how it looms like.

Well, I bought one for my mom for Mother's Day and went to the demo where my usual cooking teacher did a demo.

She made Ginger milk pudding (薑撞奶). Thermomix is suppose to make this more successful than without it because you will not over boil the milk. I don't have a picture but I can tell you it was smooth. Chinese

She also made a bun with filling. Thermomix kneaded the dough, steamed the bread and made the filling.

The highlight of the demo was the sticky chicken rice (糯米雞). First she boiled the rice with Themomix. Apparently boiled rice is suppose to be healthier than rice cooked by rice cooker.

The she used Thermomix to chop the garlic and cooked the chicken. Once it was cooked, the rice was wrapped up in a lotus leaf. Again Thermomix was used to steam.

In the demo, we got to eat. It was very yummy. What I liked was it was healthy and I knew what was put into it.

Later in the day, I went to another demo. I was impressed as lemonade was made with whole lemons (including skin). It was done in 10 seconds.

This machine is designed in Germany and manufactured in France. It was originally designed to cook baby food but people start using it for their everyday life. Even hotel chefs use it to make Holladaise sauce and mousse. Chinese discovered that it could be used to stir-fry.

Final Thoughts:
Sorry I don't have a lot of pictures because it was a demo so I was seated most of the time.

However I was impressed with the machine that I can't wait to use it. I will have to save money to buy one for myself. I think it will save me time with cooking and baking.

It will require adjustment to get used to using the machine but it will be healthy, safe and easy to cook.

I'm not sure I will always use it to make bread as I love the feeling of kneading bread but if I needed to make lots in a short time, of course I'm using it.

This has been blogged in Anna and Kristina's Shopping Bag.
Anna was impressed with the machine.

Globe and Mail also did an article on it and also was impressed.

It's very popular in Australia. If you did a google search, you will find many comments saying good things about it.

The major complaint is the price tag. This machine costs $1600.

Yeah, it's costly but when you think about all the machines it replaces, it's a good deal. In my case I need a stand mixer ($300 to $500), juicer ($200), food processor ($200), steamer ($100), blender ($100 to $200), misc like thermometer and scale ($50), then it's a good deal. As well it's a space saver since it's all in one machine.

I only wish it had a deep fryer then it's perfect!!!!

Anyways, I'm saving do if you wanna donate some money to speed up my purchase process, please comment me. Haha!!

Seriously, if you are interested in this machine, contact me and I'll tell you how you can get one.

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