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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baked Chinese Cake 雞蛋糕

I tried making the what I learned in class. In the class, we added lotus paste. I didn't have lotus paste so I just made the cake.

First I mixed eggs and icing sugar until it was very very light.

I beated it for a long time because it wouldn't turn light yellow. So I kept beating and decided it was better not to overbeat. Wonder if you can overbeat eggs.

I slowly folded the flour that I shifted. I was as gentle as possible in order to make the cake fluffy and airy.

I bought lotus shape cake pans and put my batter in there.

And then baked.

It turned out very nice and high. It had a nice golden colour.

Final Thoughts:
The cake tasted nice and had a nice egg taste.

However when I compare with the cake make in class, this cake is much more dense.

I'm a little disappointed because I'm not sure why it wasn't as light and fluffy. I will have to ask my teacher why it turned out like this but it's hard to explain with evidence. It might mean that I'll have to bake again and bring to class to show my teacher.

If I do make it again, I'll update you.


I made it again. The batter looked and felt fluffier. BUT it was still dry. I don't's the same recipe as what's made in class. I'm so disappointed. I will ask my teacher if she is able to guess why.

(Attempt #3) I showed attempted # 2 to my teacher. Without even eating it, she told me that I folded too long or not gentle enough.

So I bought 3 dozen eggs so I can try until I get it.

This third attempt, I used my hands in gloves and folded the flour in egg mixture. It's flufflier than attempt #1 and attempt #2 but not quite as it is in class.

I was lucky this time that I had meeting at work so I brought 2 to share with coworkers. I also had a visitor so I gave her 1. I will try to make it again and will find other people to give it away. I hope 4th time, I'll finally get it right!!!!

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