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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chiu Chow class

I love this teacher. She's the one that got me start baking bread. She's very fair, knowledgeable and healthy. All the recipes I learned from her have been great!! Her name is Agnes Chiew.

I'm taking 2 of her classes. Today is Chiew Chow food. Tomorrow is Chinese snacks and Dim Sum.

Here's what we made today:

Chiew Chow Oyster Pancake:

Man, it was yummy. It had a great chewy texture. It reminded me of my village's pancake (we call it "pak San"). Both my grandmothers made them. Lucky my dad learned how to make it, as it was our midnight snack treat. I kinda know how but should try to perfect it!!!

We also made Chiew Chow duck(滷水鴨). Wow! She definitely is amazing.

Here's a pic after it was chopped.

Finally dessert. It was a green bean soup. It was very clean (清)

Next week is crab and more Chiew Chow food.

Out of all the cooking class teacher, she is the BEST!!

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