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Thursday, April 28, 2011


My brother and I made pizza. I bought a baking stone and we decided to try it out.

My brother made 2 of the pizza dough and I made the third one.

This was the first one. We put all topping on it. We also learned that if you put tomato paste, you need to cover it with toppings or else the sides will burn.

The second one waiting to be put in the oven.

The second one. It was good.

My brother suggested to put some leftover striploin steak. I didn't agree at first because we had so much toppings. However, last minute we decided to make a third pizza. We ran out of toppings and at the insistence of my brother, we put steak as a topping.

Wow!! The steak pizza was soo amazing. It was one of the best pizza topping I'd ever had. I really enjoyed it. I'm glad my brother insisted on adding steak!!

Final Thoughts:
I'm still looking for the perfect pizza crust. I wasn't impressed with this crust. I'm still looking for the pizza crust that's similar to what I had in Brooklyn, where it was chewy and crunchy.

The steak topping is a must do again!! Of course the steak was seasoned and BBQ by my dad. I'm not sure if I can replicate that but I think it's an important part of making the steak pizza so yummy!!

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