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Monday, April 11, 2011

Bread, bread and bread

Yesterday I baked three types of bread. No new recipes, just the same ones by special request by my mom Actually the request was only for my sourdough but I decide to make extra to give away.

The rolls and the two loaves in front are sourdough. The big loaf on top left is called American sandwich bread and the two loaves on top right is rustic Italian loaf.

My mom really like the sourdough bread which is quite unusual because she usually dislikes the tartness of sourdough. Even when we were in San Francisco, eating San Francisco sourdough she didn't really enjoy it much. She enjoyed the crab and clam chowder but made no comment on the bread.

Of course mom's are suppose to encourage and praise their kids but when it comes to food, my family tells it as it is. It is a good quality cos then you aren't deluding yourself thinking the food is good when in fact it is mediocre.

So my mom will tell me if it's soso which is good so I continue with only the best!!

The Breads:
For the rustic Italian and sourdough, I had to prepare it the night before. I had to make a sponge.

Here is my three doughs rising simultaneously.

Here is a pic where some dough are still rising the first time and others formed into loaves or rolls, rising a second time.

I made sourdough rolls for myself so I could freeze and take out the rolls as I need.

I got a real good workout kneading all this bread. It's kinda addictive that I want to bake more but my freezer does not have space!!

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