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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spotted Prawn Festival

Today was the start of spotted prawn season and so a chef association created a Spotted Prawn Festival to signal the start of the season.

It cost $10 per person if you wanted to taste the following:
- boiled and grilled prawn
- Terra Bread's roll
- Sample of Neck of Woods Winery and Backyard Vineyard
- Sample of R&B Brewery
- Sample of Moglana coffee

You can also buy fresh off the boat prawns. They cost $12/lb. I know some people find it expensive but I don't mind because it's very fresh. Also to me, they are using sustainable fishing which is becoming very important to me!!

Here are some pics:

I'm guessing that they are Nova Scotian musician. Not 100% sure but the type if music seems to be from that area.

The rents to buy the tickets and get the food and drink.

The Fisherman's Wharf doesn't only sell prawn, they also have scallops and salmon. I think Stevenson Wharf may have more types of seafood though. Fishing boats at the Granville Island Fisherman's Wharf.

Chefs (looks like students) preparing the food.

The sauces (the lime sauce was excellent - tangy that you just wanted to dip everything in it)

The sauce brand:

A close up of the bottle:

So here's what you're waiting for....the food:

I tried the Riesling. I liked it. It was a little sweet but I think that it would be a nice wine to have on a summer day.

Then I sampled the beer. There was the cream ale (the lighter one) and wheat ale (the darker one). I didn't like them but that could be because I'm not really a beer drinker.

Finally coffee...

The coffee was pretty good. They were selling at a good price - $10 a bag, either grounds or beans. But I don't have a percolator decided not to buy.

People lining up to go to the dock and buy the prawn or fish. The line was too long and I didn't have time so I didn't buy. No problem though, they'll have prawns coming everyday at 1pm and sometimes at 5pm.

Final Thoughts:

I'm not sure it was worth $10. The food was fresh and it was fun sampling the alcohol and coffee but at that price, I could have bought almost 2lbs of prawns and cooked it myself!!

I don't think I'll participate next year. I'll just go and buy the prawns.

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