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Sunday, December 4, 2011

ABC Restaurant

At the suggestion of an anonymous comment, I went to ABC Restaurant (愛彼茜餐室) to try out their souffle.

The decor of the place was questionable. It looked like a 50s diner, serving burgers, fries and shakes. I was hesitant to go in but trusted that my reader wouldn't lead me astray. So I tried out the place.

Rather than just eat dessert, I had supper there. I thought it was a Kong Kong style cafe but it also served Chiew Chow food (a village from China) in addition to the Hong Kong style food. I've never ordered a full meal Chiew Chow meal and decided to try some Chiew Chow dishes.

I didn't like the decor but I liked the placemat. I think that the pink plaid is quite chic.

I was just happy with the pink plaid placement but when I moved my cutlery and saw the picture, I loved it!! I love fashionable chic drawings abd have notepads and magnets with this design. There must be a proper name for such drawings. Anyone know?

My friend's meal came with Hong Kong Style Tea. It's a strong tea with evaporated milk or condensed milk. Some say that the proper milk tea is made using a silk stocking to filter the tea. The tea has been filtered many times to make it strong.

My friend ordered Minced Pork and Preserved Olive Leaves Fried Rice (木欖肉碎沙炒飯). It was very tasty. It had good wok flavour, meaning a nice high heat was used. Couldn't taste the olive leaves though nevertheless it was good.

We ordered House Pan Fried Oyster and Egg (金牌煎蠔). It is a pancake that has oyster and egg. A few years ago, you could get this on the street in Hong Kong. I loved it very much because it was very tasty and it was fun eating on the streets. I haven't been to Hong Kong in a while, so not sure how things are now.

I did not like this pancake at ABC Restaurant. It should be one big pancake but here they made into small pieces. I'm guessing that it's too hard to flip one big pancake than a small one. Another reason I didn't it was that it was OVER fried. In other words almost burnt.

I also ordered Oyster with Minced Pork and Soup (蠔仔肉碎泡飯). I thought this was good. The broth had a seafood taste from the oyster and dried shrimp. There were many oyster pieces...maybe too many, especially when you just recovered from a flu and everything is a bit nauseating. My friend ate all my oysters.

I will have to say that not everyone will enjoy this. The flavour is a bit bland for some and the seafood taste is too subtle. The funny thing is that even though I liked this dish, I won't be ordering it again. Why? The thought of oyster right still makes me like I have the flu again. I'm not sure I'm ready to eat oyster boiled in a soup. I can still eat raw or pan fried oysters though.

Some may not like the texture. It is like mixing rice with a broth. I like it because that's how I eat my rice sometimes.

Lastly I HAD TO order the souffle as a suggestion of the comment in the blog. I didn't know what flavour to order. They had vanilla, orange and chocolate. I asked the server what flavour she'd suggest. She said that vanilla or chocolate are popular. I decided chocolate.

It came with a chocolate sauce which you can pour on top of the souffle.

The texture of the souffle was really good. It was light and foamy, the way a good souffle should be. I should have taken a picture of the middle so you could see the individual bubbles from whipping the egg white. They did an amazing job preparing the souffle.

In terms of taste, I thought it was ok. The chocolate sauce wasn't chocolatey enough. It was a bit like water down NesQuik milk. The souffle wasn't bad but had an eggy taste. I love eggs but don't like my desserts having an egg taste. My friend really enjoyed it. He couldn't believe how light and fluffy it was! I'd order it again and try vanilla. Just thought that chocolate wasn't chocolate enough for me.

Final Thoughts:

I would DEFINITELY come here again. I thought the size of the dishes large for the price, the service was very friendly and genuine and the food delicious.

The decor was deceptive because it looked like a 50s diner and felt like you should be ordering shakes and burgers. Instead they served Chiew Chow food and Hong Kong style dishes.

Go there and try their stuff. I enjoyed it. I'm glad a reader suggested it because I would have never walked in that restaurant.

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  1. I would never order chui chow food there actually unless the chef really is from there. That said, ABC is a lot better than its previous incarnation (whose name escapes me). It's probably one of the better HK style cafes in Richmond these days.

  2. Agree with the chef but I have such limited knowledge of Chinese food/restaurants that I base trying a Chinese restaurants on crowds. If there's a crowd, the food is usually good. I wouldn't know about the chef since such news would never pass to me.