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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The One

After supper, I was very thirsty and didn't want to go home. So where did I go??? Bubble tea!!!

Went to a place called The One Restaurant (美味x係-can't replicate 3rd word)

In the waiting area, they had these round pillows. I thought it was so cool!! Lucky they were not on sale or else I wouldn't know which one to buy... I couldn't decide which one I liked best.

I ordered my usual lychee green tea. I thought it was too sweet and wanted to pour water in it to dilute it but unfortunately I wasn't served water. I guess when you go to a bubble tea restaurant, they don't serve you water or tea. Kinda makes sense.

My friend ordered taro milk tea and it was really good!! It had fresh taro in it. It was sweet but not too sweet! Very yummy.

I decided to order a deep fried bread (銀絲卷). I don't know the English name as every restaurant translates it differently. I saw on google that some people call it Man Tou (漫頭). I think or I assume that man tou is just the plain steamed bread not this bread. This bread, regardless if steamed or deep fried is usually layered.

It is usually served with condense milk for dipping purposes.

I thought that this done very very well. First, you can see the layers in this bread. This is how it should be. At some places, it looks like regular bread that been deep fried. In other words, the centre has holes created by yeast. Another thing is that it's deep fried with a very crispy and thin skin on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. I think it that it was prefect in texture. The taste (without the condensed milk) is very slightly sweet.

My friend order a shaved ice. It had a herbal jelly called Grass Jelly. It's an acquired taste that I'm starting to enjoy. Chinese medicine believes that food have heat and cooling properties. Grass Jelly has cooling properties. The shaved ice also had red bean and condensed milk.

This dish looked impressive that when they served us, everyone was looking. I only enjoy shaved ice desserts if it is really hot (eg 25c or warmer). Shaved ice is ice that is grounded to a fine powder. It is really refreshing on a hot day, like slurpees are. I liked the ice here as it was so fine, it just melted in your mouth. However, I thought the toppings were just too sweet for me and it had no special flavour. I think I'll have to pass on this. Only thing this dish will do is bring attention, if that's what you're craving.

Final Thoughts:

I would come again to try their food. I was impressed with their deep fried bread and looking at other tables, their food looked good for a meal or a snack.

In terms of bubble tea, will have to ask them to make it less sweet because I didn't enjoy mine. I know sweetness is the taste of the beholder but I have never had a concern about the sweetness in my lychee green tea - I order this practically every time I have bubble tea.

Service was pretty ok. Getting to the table, the service didn't stand out. However taking orders was good. He was pretty friendly and offered my friend water because she didn't order a drink (didn't require my friend to ask).

I'd go again.

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