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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hot Pot Rice

One of my favourite food when I visited Hong Kong in winter is hot pot rice (煲仔飯). I like it when they cook the rice outside the door of the restaurant. Here's a close-up of rice pot made in HK that I found on the Internet.

Tonight I went to Agnes Chiu's class and we made hot pot rice.

We made three types of hot pot rice. It was very yummy and very easy to do. I'll be trying to make one of them this Friday.

We made Chinese mushroom with Chicken and Fish Maw Hot Pot Rice (比菇棉花雞煲仔飯). Fish Maw is fish stomach or swimming bladder - to help the fish float. For Chinese it is consider a delicacy and can be quite expensive. Here's the wiki info on this.

So here is our rice pot.

We then made Minced Beef and Egg Rice Pot (窩蛋牛肉煲仔飯). All the rice pots made today were easy to make but this particular one was amazingly easy. The only hard part was mincing the meat. Mrs. Chiu does not buy minced meat but minces her own meat with a cleaver - that to me is the hardest part of this dish. I think if I make it myself, I'll just buy minced meat.

This dish requires a raw egg mixed hot rice. However, Mrs. Chiu prefers to fully cook the egg fully for safety reasons. I agree with Mrs. Chiu but I love a raw egg on extremely hot rice so will have to learn to curb this pleasure. We fried the egg and put it on the rice.

Lastly we Spare Rib Chili Black Bean Sauce Rice Pot (豉椒排骨煲仔飯). This was also yummy. It had chili which gave a nice spicy taste.

Final Thoughts:
This class was very popular. There were 20 students in the class. Apparently one of Mrs. Chiu's past student came 30 minutes early in hopes of getting into the class.

Well, the food was so easy to make that I'm planning to make it this weekend. I would like to make it earlier but busy this week so will have to wait. I can't wait to try and eat this!!! Yummy!!

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