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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fascinator 2

At work, we decided to have a Secret Santa gift exchange. For those of you unfamiliar with this, we pick names out of a hat and buy gifts or write notes to that person. In school, we called it Kris Kringle. Anyways for work, to make it easier, we only did one gift exchange. The gift price limit was $10.

Now I hate buying gifts under pressure and dreaded this. I looked around at shops and couldn't find anything decent for $10. Then I decided to make a fascinator for the person I got.

At first I was going to use a hair comb to make the fascinator but since I was making a small fascinator, I decided it was too big.

I found a smaller hair clip that was unused at home. I decided to use that as my clip.

Prior to deciding to make a fascinator as a gift, I went to Dresssew to find feathers that were interesting to make another fascinator for myself. I was going to wear a fascinator for my company's Christmas Party so needed more feathers. They didn't have feathers that I wanted (they had lots of ostrich feathers which were too big).

I've also been to Michael's for feathers. They were ridiculously expensive and had a small selections. So I had to use the same feathers that I used for my own fascinator (My fascinator post) and made a hair clip version. As for my Christmas party fascinator, I didn't find a y feathers worthwhile to make myself one. Anyone know where I can buy pretty a d cheap feathers?

How I Made It:

First I arranged the feathers. Three black feathers didn't seem quite right.

So I added a fourth black feather. The black feathers are duck feathers and the blue one is a dyed pheasant feathers.

While at Dressew, I looked for sparkly button for my future fascinator but was overwhelmed with their button section and found nothing.

I decided that I was going to cut one of my sweaters buttons since it was sparkly. When I was about to cut the button off, I realized that I wasn't ready to stop using this sweater so was left without a sparkly item.

It was around 10pm and all craft stores were closed. I ran out to the neighbourhood Shopper's Drug Mart hoping to buy a $5 necklace to use but they were all $15 dollars or more. Fancy hair clips with rhinestones were not cheap either so I gave up and decided to go home.

Now, no one outside of family has visited my house cos it's messy. I might say I'm a bit of a hoarder because I keep things. I'm keeping them because I'm a last minute person so not always able to get materials for baking and crafts so I likes handy and accessible. Not sure if you notice, sometimes what I bake or cook is based at what is at home already!!

Anyways, I had kept the trim from a Christmas present in case I wanted to reuse it for gift wrapping. I never had to use it since I rarely gift wrap. The trim had a shiny ball.

I placed the ball on the feather set and it looked stupid. So I cut the ball in half and placed it on the feathers. It looked good so I glued it on.

Here was my finished design.

I then glued it on the clip. I wasn't sure how to glue it on. If I glued the clip the proper way, when the clip opened, it damaged the feathers. If I glued it backwards, it was hard to put on and off since it was counterintuitive and awkward. Well, I decided to glue it backwards and regretted it. It was hard to use. I put so much glue that I couldn't pull it apart to fix it. The person who received the gift had a hard time putting it on that I felt i made it so amateurish!! Too late though. Next time I know.

Here's the fascinator. I wanted to put a veil because I love veils but decided against it since the person would not like that.

I tried it on. You can see the colours look quite good together.

As you can see, the feathers are too long. It looks a bit like the headdress of Plains Indian on tv. I needed to fix it.

So I cut the feathers. Well, it didn't look very good because it lost the feather shape. Look at the feather tips, it was kinda square looking.

In the hair, it didn't look so strange and square. But I wasn't satisfied so I took the cut piece (which was the feather tip) and arranged the feathers so that it would look better.

You can't see this error. That's the point..hehe. I was able to incorporate the feather in a way that you don't notice this flaw.

I threw away many of my jewellry boxes as I wanted to declutter so when I needed a box like this time, I had none. *sigh* This is why is hard to decide if things should be kept or not. Just when I decided to throw things out, that's when I need it. But when keep stuff, I make my place messy and feel like a hoarder!!

Anyways, I ended up using a cell phone box. I put in silver tissue paper and put the fascinator.

Isn't it pretty?

Final Thoughts:

It was so easy to make, though I was thinking about a fascinator design for myself. When I decided to make this fascinator for my coworker, it was 9:30pm.

I think if I decided to make a veil, it would have taken longer. I love veils and if it was for myself, definitely I would put a veil but I thought that for my coworker, it might be too much for her.

Because I'm not sure how people feel about wearing a feather, I decided that I needed to add a gift for the Secret Santa event. Luckily I found something very nice at Shopper's plus the fascinator.

Well at the event, turn out she like the fascinator a lot and many coworkers were impressed with it. Actually it's a very good gift because I went shopping and saw fascinators costing $20 and more.

If you would like one, send me a message. Tell me the colours that you like and I can make it for you.

Sorry to my friends though, I won't be gifting a fascinator for you. It's not because I'm a Scrooge but it's because I'm not sure if you will like wearing feathers. I don't want you to pretend to like it when you really hate it OR directly tell me you don't like it. I might feel hurt. But, if you like it, I'll make one for you. Then you can also own a Parasite original.

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