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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whoa! I'm pretty cool!!

Hahaha....while I'm trying to contemplate the easiest way to blog without having to plug in my camera to my computer to show my pics, I went to see how much money I made.....I made $0.87 for one click. I'm pretty happy since I haven't seriously blogged, only saying that I would seriously blog soon.

Well, then I decided to check out the traffic and found that 17 people from looked read this blog is from USA!!! That means it's not me who's reading my own blog, it's other people. Woo hoo. I'm quite proud of my lack of doing anything but still having people looking.

I guess when I overcome my laziness (which I found out is a family trait), I will plug in my camera to do some serious blogging. Until then....hopefully my text interest you enough!

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