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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Past bakings

So, I've decided to go through some pics and add them here. In this post, I'll be showing pics of past baking.

Fruit tart
So this is a French fruit tart. It was actually very good, though I'm still working on my pastry skills. It seems like my pastry is rather still and not as flakey as I would like it to be. However the custard was excellent. I will try to make it again but maybe a small one. I'm going to have to keep working on my pastry because I've made it a couple of times and they are hard. Any suggestions to make it flakey?

These are butterhorns. My Mom's friend, Shirley, made these 15 years ago and I never forgot about them. I always wanted to make them but my mom felt it was too hard. I finally made them. Well, I guess I never realized how much butter was used. I should have known since it was called butterhorn. I had a hard time rolling it to make sure the butter was incorporated well.

I felt that to make sure the butter stay in the dough nicely, I might have over rolled the dough or some areas had too much butter - the butterhorn was not soft and fluffy but sometimes crunchy.

I think that now that people are health conscious, this uses too much butter for me to want to make it again. At least I've tried it and can claim that I've made butterhorns!

Wow! I totally forgot that I made pumpkin muffins. I remember buying a fresh pumpkin because I like pumpkin soup (Chinese style) but one can drink so much soup, especially when the pumpkin is quite big. I ended up freezing some cooked pumpkin. I think it was quite good, especially the cream cheese frosting. Unfortunately, I don't think I have this recipe again since I got it from the internet and wasn't organized to put the recipe away.


Post Cream cheese frosting
These are sticky buns from a recipe from the internet. They were good but not something I would make again. I found the dough to be a little hard. I would like a softer dough.


Post Baking
These are red bean filled green tea mochi balls. They are quite good but a little time consuming. As I said on my Facebook, this is not something you would make at a potluck party because they make little and take a lot of time.

I made this as a mini chocolate layered birthday cake because a full one would take too much time . Well the whipping cream started to melt so that was hard to frost and made the layer in the middle too thick. This made the cake unstable and messy.
This shows the layer cake. Quite messy. I really have to work on being neater on my baking. This is why I know that I cannot do a full cake like other people. I'm not detailed enough or if I am, I'm not sure if I can detailed for a long time to complete a cake.

A very popular item when I have bake sales. It's mini Oreo cheesecake. It's popular because people who like Oreo and cheesecake get to eat a nice small cheesecake. It's from Kraft website. VERY VERY easy to make.

Mini Oreo Cheesecake
Corn muffin. This is often requested and it's a very easy recipe. I got it from the back of the cornmeal that I usually buy. I'll blog on cornbread/muffins. I'm going to try a couple of recipes and inform you of which recipe I thought was best.
Corn bread muffin with homemade blueberry jam
Just freshly baked

At one point, I thought I would bake lots and lots of cookies. I spent quite a bit of money on cookie cutters and colouring. My problem is piping so I sort of stopped. Plus my condo does not have enough space to properly roll out sugar cookies. These pink ones are using royal icing. I do like working with royal icing but I don't like the taste.

In this set of cookies, I decided to use up some white chocolate that I have. I liked the taste BUT my food colouring did not mix well with chocolate because oil and chocolate does not mix. So it turned out to be a yummy mess.

Ok, so this is majority of my sweet bakings. I will showcase my breads on another blog.
If you would like recipes or have suggestions, feel free to comment.

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