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Friday, August 12, 2011

Jang Mo Jib Restaurant

I went to a popular Korean restaurant in downtown. It's called Jang Mo Jib. The food is very tasty. They have multiple locations, though I've heard the one in downtown is the best. They can be quite busy and might need to wait to get a table. It's the restaurant I take guests to eat Korean food because the quality is consistent and don't have to worry they had an off day with their cooking. It's almost guaranteed that guests will enjoy!!

We ordered a cold noodle dish. I first experienced cold noodles (naeng myeon 냉면) with Korean international students in Edmonton. It was probably one of my most memorable summer cos we did car trips, water skied, drank, clubbed, watch fireworks, went to K-days (what Edmonton's fair was called back then) and dinner parties.

One of the students studied Korean cuisine and all the students introduced me to the world of Korean food beyond Kim chi and bul-go-gi (marinated beef). One hot summer day, the chef made naeng myeon. It's arrowroot noodles in cold beef broth. He added minced garlic, julienned cucumber and carrots, watermelon, hard boiled egg and ice cubes.

Wow!! On a hot Albertan day, this dish really satisfied. In Edmonton, Alberta, summers are HOT!! They are not humid but dry so you can feel the scorching sun on you and no breeze to cool you off. Well this noodle was perfect because you cooled down and feel refreshed!!!

Anyways, back to Jang Mo Jib. We ordered another type of Korean cold noodle from the one I described above. This one is called Bibim Naeng myeon (비빔냉면). It's a spicy cold noodle. It has a little soup but has spicy sauce. You need to mix and eat right away or the noodle clumps together. Like the plain cold noodle, the noodles are chewy. It was also very refreshing because of the temperature of the food. As well a slight sour taste from vinegar adds a nice dimension to the dish. While it's summer, I highly suggest trying Korean cold noodles!!!

We ordered the specialty of Jang Mo Jib....called Gam Ja Tang (감자탕) which is pork bone soup. I was told traditionally this was what the used to eat since pork back bone was cheap. Anyways it's a spicy soup with pork back bones and potatoes. It's really delicious and goes well with rice. The soup is heated in front of you and kept hot since it's on a propane burner. Every person who visited me and been taken to this restaurant ALWAYS enjoy this dish!!! Eat it with rice and yum-mee!!!

As with all Korean restaurants, it comes with side dishes which are Kim chi, seaweed salad (my fave and high in calcium), seasoned potato and kim chi radish (aka daikon).

Final Thoughts:
A must try restaurant. It's a good place to experience delicious Korean food. Of course there are many Korean restaurant in downtown but I found some are expensive, some quality really is low or is not consistent, some like to use too much sugar (Korean food tends to be a mixture of spicy and sweet. Despite my sweet tooth, I really hate my savory food to be sweet!!) or just taste bad. Well, Jang Mo Jib hasn't been like that.

Other dishes that I didn't have this time that I highly recommend are the following items.

They make the best Jap Chae (잡채) which is stir sweet potato vermicelli with vegetable and beef in Vancouver. Plus it's a decent size, even as take out!

Also their Seafood pancake (haemul pajeon 해물파전) is really good. Not quite as good as what I had in Jeju, Korea but still very delicious!!

When you do go, have their Gam Ja Tang. Like I said earlier, it's their speciality.

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