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Monday, June 25, 2012

Pizza - No Knead Pizza

I just ate the best pizza crust that I've ever made. I used Jim Lahey's recipe from his book called My Pizza.

Jim Lahey is well known in the bread making world for his adaptation of no knead bread at his bakery in New York, Sullivan Street Bakery.

I made his recipe though I didn't document it because of the blog app that I'm using which only allows pictures at the end of the blog and not at each step.

Anyways it's a very easy recipe!! It's just flour, salt, yeast and water. Let it sit for 18 hours and voilĂ !!

It's so good!!! It tastes very similar to Grimaldi Pizzeria in Brooklyn. Of course it's not 100% the same but it's close enough north of the border. Trust me, after the pizza in Brooklyn, I can't stop obsessing finding the ultimate homemade pizza crust that tastes similar to that. This dough by Jim Lahey is very close plus it so easy to make.

Here is my pizza with Jim's tomato sauce. I fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and spinach.

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