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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Michi Waffle and Expresso Bar

After supper, we had some time before we had to drop off someone to the airport. We decided to try a waffle place. They are often very busy. As a matter of fact, five minutes after we ordered there was a line up and all the seats taken. This place is called Michi Waffle and Expresso bar.

This is their window display which attracts a lot of attention. The only problem is that they have a table there so u feel bad looking at the display too long (or taking pics) since it looks like you are looking at the people sitting there. To make things worse, that table often seats couples who are holding hands and staring into each others eyes (haha kidding but most times it is couple sitting there).

The displays are the plastic fake food you often see at restaurants in Japan or local Japanese restaurants.

We were concerned about time. However when we saw the counter with waffles, we thought that it would be quick since the waffles were premade.

We realized the waffles displayed were fake and the waffles were made when ordered. Lucky it didn't take too long to make!!

Below is menu items. You can make your own combos or use theirs.

We ordered their combos. It was much easier than creating our own combos.

As with a lot of coffee shops today, the specialty coffees are decorated. Here's a mocha, nicely decorated. Usually I don't see whipped cream with a milk decoration so I was impressed (I don't usually order mocha at cafes that decorate so it might be common and I just don't know)

The Chocolate Lover

Here is the Chocolate Lover's waffle. It uses their Brussels Waffle. A Brussels waffle is a larger waffle that is quite crunchy. The toppings on the Chocolate Lover is a scoop of fudge ice cream and a scoop of tiramisu ice cream. It was served with chocolate whipped cream and an Oreo.

It looked impressive but taste was average. I love chocolate stuff but with this waffle combo, I wasn't impressed. I felt the waffle was too crunchy. I don't know enough about waffles but I thought they are suppose to be crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. This one was crunchy both outside and inside. I didn't like that.

I didn't find the chocolate tastes stand out or wasn't sure if good quality chocolate was used. I couldn't taste that nice chocolately taste that coats your mouth and gives you that satisfaction that you ate something with chocolate. I don't think I would order this one again.

Their Coffee
There was a sign in the place with comments stating that this place had the best coffee in the city. So, of course I had to try it.

While waiting for our food and drink, I saw a sign saying that it wasn't necessary to add milk and sugar in their coffee but rather to enjoy the subtle taste. The sign even said that their coffee is not the burnt roasted coffee of a very popular brand.

When the coffee came out, I had a sip with no sugar and cream. I wasn't used to it and wanted to add sugar and milk (I prefer milk than cream-I grew up a tea drinker so milk is preferred). They only had sugar so I decided just to continue drinking it without anything.

During my recent Alaskan cruise, I had gotten used to drinking black coffee when eating dessert since there was so much food. I did the same here. I could taste the subtle fruit taste while eating the desserts and I did enjoy the coffee without sugar and milk/cream. It complemented dessert very well!! Glad they had no milk/cream.

OMG (Oh my Green Tea)
This was a liege waffle. In this combo it was a liege green tea waffle. The liege waffle is a chewy waffle and soft. It was quite chewy that it was hard to cut. I didn't like cutting it. I did like the chewy texture in my mouth though.

This combo also had green tea ice cream and green tea whipping cream drizzled with caramel sauce.

I like this because I like the subtle taste that often green tea desserts have but the Carmel sweetness satisfied my sweet tooth. I was pretty impressed with the combination of green tea and caramel. It was light but satisfied the dessert craving!!

Final Thoughts:
Even though I enjoyed one waffle quite a bit and not the other, I would come again. I felt that the desserts were light and not overly sweet. It wasn't a pretentious environment and I liked that too.

The menu is a bit overwhelming at first with so many options but use their combos. It makes it easier the first time ordering.

I'm not a big fan of Michi's waffles though it wasn't bad. I like Medina's waffles more. They are also a Belgian waffle place. I've only had them for breakfast though and it was when they first open (eg I could eat breakfast there and be the only person).

Michi's Waffle and Expresso Bar...go try it out. A nice dessert and coffee place to hangout when you don't want the evening to end quite yet.

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  1. I can't believe you would even mention Medina's in the same breath as Michi. Medina's craft is decadently superior. Just ask Poirot!

  2. Ahhh, oui. We cannot argue that a Belgian knows his Belgian waffles!!